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Yes, it’s official, Diablo 3 will be coming to consoles. 
The confirmation was made via Blizzard community manager Micah Whiple’s Twitter feed. As of yet, no specific platforms or release have been mentioned. When specifically asked whether he could confirm or deny rumour of a Diablo 3 console release, Whiple replied:
“Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project.”
Mosqueira has worked as design director on Company of Heroes for Relic Entertainment.
The official release date of the PC/Mac edition of Diablo 3 os still “early 2012”.
It must be noted that it has been known for some time that Josh was heading up a team that were researching whether it would be possible to bring the game to consoles and so this Tweet could be misleading and should not be treated as 100% confirmation. Josh gave numerous interviews at GamesCom last year explainig his role and how he and a handful of devs were researching the possibility of Diablo 3 coming to consoles.
Blizzard may still decide a console version is simply not going to be possible and up to the high quality Blizzard gamers expect of their products. This happened with StarCraft Ghost, it was almost complete and then Blizzard pulled it because they felt it was substandard.
Just to reiterate the point here is the quote from Jay Wilson from the BlizzCon panel last year.
Jay Wilson: We’ve hired people to work on the console. We have an internal team. We’ve spoken about it since it helps with hiring. We think Diablo 3 will work on console, we’ve experimented with controls, etc. But it’s essential to us that it not compromise the PC game at all, and it doesn’t feel like a crappy port to console either. Both should stand alone and work nicely. But we’re not announcing anything until we’re more sure about it.
Update:  As we posted above, there is no announcement as stressed by Blizzard CM Bashiok.
“Yup” wasn’t meant to be an announcement. We’re still exploring a console version, but more importantly working on the PC/Mac version.

Diablo 3 release date finalised?

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