Diablo 4: New Paragon system guide – Full details

Diablo 4 New Paragon System
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Blizzard’s upcoming Diablo 4 is gaining plenty of hype after a successful beta playtest. The next iteration in the popular action RPG franchise promises endless amounts of playtime. Your character will be able to rise in levels, build their skill tree, and utilize the new Paragon system. But what is this system and how can you use it to your fullest potential? In this guide, we’ll cover the full details of Diablo 4‘s new Paragon system.

What is the Paragon system in Diablo 4?

In a new video released on April 5, the team behind Diablo 4 expanded upon what the endgame will be like. The Paragon system is something you can utilize once you’re at level 50. This goes way beyond the normal skill tree, and offers dense customization for unique playstyles. Kayleigh Calder, the lead game producer, explained how you can use this board to your heart’s content:

“You can rotate the board, so you can choose a different path if you’re like, ‘I wanna do more strength-based things’, or ‘I want this particular boons or glyphs.’ You can chart your path through it. And they’re really a way for you to keep expanding your character and making it uniquely yours.”

Diablo 4 New Paragon System Guide Full Details

Screenshot via Blizzard

It may look confusing and daunting at first, but the concept is pretty basic. Each unlockable upgrade increases your stats incrementally. You can tell from this screenshot that there is a multitude of paths you can take with your character. Also, you can add certain glyphs to add benefits to the tiles in their radius. Glyphs are found across Sanctuary, and can level up to increase their radius.

On December 20, Blizzard posted a quarterly update blog post detailing more information on the Paragon Board. It mentions the gate tiles, which when reached, you can choose a new Paragon Board to attach to. Also, it describes the four basic types of tiles on the Paragon Boards.

Diablo 4 New Paragon System Guide Full Details Tiles

Screenshot via Blizzard

  • Normal Tiles: Provide small stat boosts that connect to other tiles and are the most common.
  • Magic Tiles: Found in less common clusters and provide more diverse benefits.
  • Rare Tiles: Offer more significant power boosts and provide additional powers once hero has reached a certain attribute level.
  • Legendary Tile: One found in each board at the center, giving a new Legendary Power.

Having such extended skill boards sounds like you can create highly skilled and uniquely powerful heroes. These are the full details we know so far of the Paragon system in Diablo 4, so hopefully this guide cleared any confusion you had about this new feature. Diablo 4 releases for PC on June 6.

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