Diablo Immortal Change Class Mechanic

A new Diablo Immortal update has landed, and it finally allows you to change your class. In addition, two in-game events are here and a new boss is on the way. Gorgothra, the third of the Wrathbone demons, is getting ready to arrive in early August.

Firstly, you must be level 35 before you can access the option to change your class. Changing your class can be done every seven days, free of charge. If you change your mind, you can use a one-time option to go back to your previous class and skip the seven day wait. Blizzard notes that it has no plans to let players pay for the ability to change classes more often.


Carrying over your gear when you change your class

Also, changing your class for the first time means you can change the appearance of your class and reset your Paragon Trees. At the same time, a first time change will give you placeholder gear with the same rank as the gear of your previous class. All of your gear that was on your previous class will still be available in your inventory. Therefore, all cosmetics will be saved and available to use when you decide to change back to it.

In other news, get ready to embark on the Adventurer’s Path limited-time event. As you take on a new journey and complete tasks, you’ll earn gold, enchanted dust, and scrap materials. That is not all, as completing eight tasks will get you 10 Aspirant’s keys, 16 tasks will grant you the Adventurer’s Laurel Portrait Frame, and 20 tasks a Legendary Crest. Then, in just a few days, the Hungering Moon limited-time event will begin. Starting on July 29, completing the moon’s demands will earn you Moonslivers, which can be swapped for Blessings that can then be traded for other rewards. This event ends on August 1.

Diablo Immortal Change Class

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