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Blizzard has posted a new quarterly update for Diablo IV, which, yes, is still in development. To welcome in the new year, the company detailed the art behind game’s murky catacombs and dry deserts. And it wasn’t just all talk. Blizzard delivered more than five minutes of fresh Diablo IV gameplay, showcasing some of its 150+ dungeons.

The gameplay footage shows off how Diablo IV currently looks in pre-alpha development. A lot will probably change from now until whenever the game finally lands. However, the dank world that comprises the game is already quite an effective mood-setter. One such video introduces us to the ‘Forgotten Places of the world,’ a multi-leveled, blood-soaked dungeon with slick tentacles thrashing in the air. It’s quite the horrific place.


And it’s one of many, according to the team. Diablo IV‘s gameplay footage shows only small snippets of the more than 150 dungeons Blizzard is planning.

“Dungeons are still that randomized content that you know and love from previous Diablo titles,” writes Brian Fletcher, associate art director, environments. “However, we added new and exciting features that allow us to make even more dungeons across the world of Sanctuary than ever before. In order to support over 150+ dungeons, we’ve had to shift the way we make environment art so that it’s flexible enough to be used in multiple locations and not just in a single dungeon.”

Going back to its roots

Diablo III was often criticized for its more colorful aesthetic (among many other things), but its sequel calls back to its predecessors. The Diablo IV gameplay footage shows off dungeons and arid regions that look and feel more akin to the first two games. Chris Ryder, art director, environments, writes that the fourth game is “darker and more grounded interpretation than earlier installments,” and that the team is going for “believability, not realism.” I suppose that means no more secret unicorn levels.

To get the full take, be sure to give the quarterly update a look.

Diablo Iv Quarterly Update Blog Gameplay Footage Dungeons 2

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