Diablo IV Classes

With BlizzCon less than 24 hours away, rumors for Blizzard’s upcoming games are running full steam. This includes the yet-to-be-announced Diablo IV, which may be one of the show’s biggest surprises. Today, a source over on Reddit allegedly revealed three class types that will be in the sequel: mage, barbarian, and druid. While this must be treated as strictly a rumor and nothing more, the information does sound intriguing.

What Diablo IV classes can we expect?

After noting that the game’s art style is “dark, gritty and gross,” the source provided the following details on alleged Diablo IV classes.

First off, there’s the mage. Apparently this character will use fire, ice, and lightning for various attacks, being powerful with the elements. Next up is the barbarian. They’ll fight with swords, clubs, axes, kicks, and the like. Finally, there’s the druid. They’ll be able to utilize lightning as well, along with wind. However, they will also be able to transform like the druids in Diablo II. So far, two animals, the bear and the werewolf, are allegedly on the roster.

The source goes on to claim that the game will feature four-player co-op and that PvP may be a possibility from the start. And finally, they noted that Lilith could be the new Diablo for the game. “She’s covered in blood veil kinda,” they said.

Take it all with a grain of salt, of course. Without official word from Blizzard (until tomorrow at BlizzCon, anyway), these could just be rumors or outright falsehoods. However, the three classes listed above would likely be welcomed by longtime Diablo fans. On top of that, four-player co-op sounds great.

We’ll see what Diablo IV news comes our way in just a few hours’ time. As expected, we’ll bring you any information as soon as it’s available.

Diablo IV’s platforms haven’t been revealed yet, as the game hasn’t been announced.

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