The release schedule for Battlefield 3’s upcoming ‘Armored Kill’ DLC is especially confusing, because not only do you have Battlefield Premium members to consider, but also a period of exclusivity on the PS3. As a result, the add-on has a grand total of four different release dates. Cast your runes to divine them, or just look at this summary:

    • Battlefield 3 Premium Members (on PS3) – 4 September
    • Battlefield 3 Premium Members (Xbox 360 and PC) – 11 September
    • Battlefield 3 Players (PS3) – 18 September
    • Battlefield 3 Players (Xbox 360 and PC) – 25 September

    It’s a pretty absurd situation, but that’s what happens when you mix early, paid-for ‘Premium’ access with exclusivity deals. For those without Premium, it’s expected to cost $15 USD.

    In case you’d forgotten what the DLC has in it, it’s “all-out vehicle warfare on four new maps,” a new “Tank Superiority” game mode and a fresh set of vehicles including tanks and ATVs.

    Source: Battlefield Official Site

    Peter Parrish

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