DICE Listening To Medal Of Honor Beta Feedback

DICE has posted a round-up of its latest beta details and findings, suggesting that several concerns from the PC crowd will be addressed.

“A more PC friendly menu, toned down HUD, weapon recoil tweaks, and balancing fixes are all on the way,” the post states, before going on to warn that “some of our planned responses to your feedback may not be implemented until the final release.”

Patches are planned for both PC and PS3 versions of the beta, which should address various crashing, performance and matchmaking issues. There’s no definite date given for the delayed Xbox 360 beta, though it is noted that work on this is “progressing.”
Some players seem less than thrilled with DICE, however. One person suggests “Why don’t you PATCH [Battlefield Bad Company 2], you know, the game I already bought and paid for?” while another offered a constructive “this is a joke.”