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I guess DICE just want us to have a little Faith.

Work on the new Mirror’s Edge title is ongoing, as this video shown during EA’s E3 press event confirms. It presents a kind of overview of how DICE is approaching the new game and is pleasingly free of guns.

They’re “building on the first Mirror’s Edge” in terms of Faith’s move-set and have been chatting with some real life parkour people about how environments are navigated around and traversed. DICE want players to be able to find different paths through each area and experiment with alternative routes.

Combat situations (yep, it’ll still have some fighting) apparently have the same move-set in mind. Beating people up will mostly be about “tight, controlled” hits and this was demonstrated by the brief fisticuffs encounters in the video. Doesn’t look like combat will ever be a protracted affair. If it is, you’ve probably messed up.

As noted at the start, none of this showed Faith using a gun herself. That could be decent news, considering that aspect was pretty weak in the original Mirror’s Edge.

Just as in the original title, the colour scheme is very much white, black and red. The plot is said to expand upon the role of the Runners within the game’s world, and look at Faith’s “reason for being Faith.”

DICE reminds us with an impressively straight face that “this is a girl who tattooed her own eye … you do that for a reason.” Yes, I’d imagine you do.

Still no hint of a release window for this one.

Peter Parrish

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