Ubisoft has released its financial figures for 2011/2012, which show a slender $48.0 million USD net profit for the annual period (a profit margin of 3.6%). Much of this is down to increased revenue from digital sales, which brought in a total of around $102.0 million USD for the year.
    “Ubisoft achieved a 90 per cent surge in current operating income in fiscal 2011-12, in the upper range of the targets announced a year ago,” says Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot in the financial report. “This achievement was notably spurred by strong growth in online/digital revenue.
    Indeed, it’s notable that Ubisoft’s release schedule for April-June 2012 is loaded with downloadable titles (like the already released Trials Evolution), browser ports (From Dust for Google Chrome) and iPhone titles. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and MMO Tera are the main retail releases for the quarter.
    Ubisoft’s revenue from digital releases was up 110% on the previous year.
    “Ubisoft is positioning itself to capitalize on the forthcoming arrival of the next generation of consoles which will be increasingly connected,” says Guillemot.
    Source: ubisoftgroup.com

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