Arachnid Games start fixing Diluvion with a day one patch

Arachnid Games start fixing Diluvion with a day one patch

Yesterday we posted our review of Arachnid Games# underwater adventure survival exploration game Diluvion which suffered from quite a few problems.

Today the development team will releaseda patch which addresses some, but not all, of the problems such as navigation and checkpoints. The first new patch will go live when the game launches and another is planned as they continue to tweak the game.

Diluvion Patch Notes

  • Tweaked navigation so ‘waypoint fish’ are more precise and will guide for longer
  • Extended FOV slider – up to +35 degrees (~90 degrees total)
  • Fixed font & icons in compass to be less intrusive
  • Added checkpoints by all landmarks, tweaked checkpoint radius
  • Reloading to checkpoint when save file has no air will refill one air tank
Requested Features (for future updates)
  • Restricted manual save
  • Indicator for new waypoint added (when not near a landmark)
  • Saving dialogue status (reloading file after save won’t show read dialogue as ‘new’)
  • Camera position slider (left, center, right)
  • Alternate ‘no resources’ play mode

Te patch will be available when the game launches later today.

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