Dio Cut From Brutal Legend

The latest Brutal Legend news reveals that Ronnie James Dio has been cut from the game.Rockers everywhere will be more than aware of who Ronnie James Dio actually is,but for those uneducated in the ‘world of rock’, Ronnie’s bio includes Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Rainbow and of course Dio. According to Blabbermouth, Brutal Legend producers have confirmed the removal of Dio who will now be replaced by the one and only Tim Curry.There is speculation that Dio has been pulled due to the strained relationship between  Sabbath guitarist Tony Iomi who is apparently in a legal battle with Ozzy Osbourne over the Black Sabbath name. Tony also plays in the band  Heaven & Hell with Dio. Ozzy appears in Brutal Legend as the Guardian of Metal and someone obviously thinks the two of them should not be appearing in the same game together.

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