Football Director

I’m not sure I quite trust this guy with my finances.

At last, a game that lets you relive the glory of directing amazing films like Goal!, Escape to Victory and … wait, what? Oh, right, Football Director is not about directing football films. Well, that’s probably for the best. I don’t want to know how challenging the “make Sylvestor Stallone convincing as a goalkeeper” mini-game would be.

Originally an iOS game, Football Director is coming to the PC courtesy of the publishing services of Excalibur Publishing (best known for their variety of Euro Truck and Farming sim titles.) From the supplied screenshots it still kinda looks like an iOS game, but one that costs £10.00 GBP rather than £3.00 GBP. However, there may be additional features in the PC version. The run-down doesn’t really make it clear whether any of them are platform-specific.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

– Choose from an extensive database of English, Scottish and European divisions and clubs
– Select realistic looking players
– Train your team at squad and individual level
– Review all the latest vital player statistics for the 2013/2014 football season (updated via patches throughout the season)
– Receive real-time staff messages: Get information, support and tips from your assistant manager, coach and other club staff
– Use the edit mode to customise club and player names
– Customise formations, positions, player roles and match day tactics
– Use the Dynamic Transfer system with shortlist feature to watch that star player
– Watch a match in real-time with full control over tactics and substitutions or auto resolve for quick play
– Promote youth players and scout for that un-signed gem
– Use the news hub and notification system to keep yourself up-to-date with club and fixture information
– Review a comprehensive list of club and player histories and statistics
– Enter multiple cup competitions
– Save up to six games

I think “select realistic looking players” (no freaks here!) and “save up to six games” (um, I should hope so) are my favourites among those. The screenshots show various “real name” players, so perhaps that’s what it means by realistic.

Football Director will feature leagues from England (down to League Two,) Scotland (down to the Championship,) the top two from France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Austria; plus the top leagues in Holland, Portugal and Switzerland.

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