The director of the Splinter Cell remake departs Ubisoft

Splinter Cell Remake Director Leaves Ubisoft

Last December Ubisoft announced that a Splinter Cell remake is under development. One of the lead figures working on the project was Ubisoft veteran David Grivel. The game director for the Splinter Cell remake, Grivel was responsible for deciding the overall design direction, management, and game mechanics. However, Grivel announced on LinkedIn that he has now stepped down from that role.

The post reads: “After more than 11 years at Ubisoft, it is now time for me to go on a new adventure.” Grivel continues on to acknowledge the friends he has made at Ubisoft. He also highlighted the games he worked on, which include Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry Primal, and, most recently, the Splinter Cell remake.


The director of the Splinter Cell remake started out at Ubisoft in January 2011 as the game designer for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. He then became a lead game designer, and finally a game director. Before Ubisoft, Grivel worked as both a junior game designer and senior game designer at Crysis developer Crytek.

The future of the Splinter Cell remake is hazy

Moving forward it looks as though Grivel will have some exciting news to announce in the future. To close out his post Grivel says, “As for what the new adventure is? Stay tuned,” so he likely has a new role lined up. As to what that role is we’ll have to wait to find out.

Losing the game director is a big deal, but it probably won’t affect the development of the Splinter Cell remake as much as you might expect. Given that it was announced almost a year ago and was almost certainly in development before that, the core of the Splinter Cell remake will likely have been long decided. As long as Ubisoft sticks to the plan and delivers the game fans deserve, this departure shouldn’t delay production for too long.

David Grivel Ubisoft Game Director Departure Announcement

(Image source: LinkedIn). David Grivel’s departure announcement 

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