Codemasters have confirmed that Dirt 3 is set to leave GFWL soon, with all owners automatically updated to the Complete Edition when they switch to Steam.

Here is the full statement straight from the developer’s mouth:

Hi all, I know this is taking a long time and I can only apologise for the… Well let’s call it what it is, massive delay. I know it seems like I’ve not been coming by but I can assure you I have and I want to thank you for continuing to put the pressure on us both here and on Twitter to get it sorted.

Now I still don’t have a date I’m willing to give you just in case it bumps for some unknown reason (we’ve been down that road before) but I can tell you it will be very soon and the next time I update the first post in the thread it’ll be to tell you it’s available.

I can however tell you that we’ll be upgrading you all to the Complete Edition free of charge, we’ll be adding Steam Trading cards and if you also happen to own a mac we’ll be making the mac edition of DiRT 3 available to you as well. If you own a boxed copy dig out your CD key and keep it safe as you’ll need that to redeem your Steamworks copy when the update goes live.

Again, apologies about the delay but we’re almost there.

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