Dirt 5 Career mode details Codemasters racing game October release date

The countdown to launch for Dirt 5 is on, and developer Codemasters continues to deliver first looks at various features. Today, the team has shown off Rally Cross in Dirt 5 for the first time. This is one of the series’ most popular modes. Rally Cross is essentially circuit-based off-road racing, and our first look at the event in Dirt 5 takes us to a beautiful track in Italy.

Whoever’s playing is barreling around this hillside circuit against five other racers. It looks like high-octane fun, an element Codemasters is focusing on with this year’s entry. Dirt 5 is aiming for a more casual, arcade racing experience and Rally Cross is a great mode to show that off. Visually, it looks pretty nice too, as the developers have cranked up the color this time around.

Rally Cross in Dirt 5 contains proper FIA World Rallycross licensed vehicles, a nice addition for the mode. Not only are they naturally built for technical, twisting tracks, but they look the part too. The development team says that the licensed cars and their “stylish aesthetic” are a perfect fit for Dirt 5‘s circuit racing, and we’re inclined to agree. Remember, Codemasters recently entered a partnership with the WRC, to produce licensed games from 2023 to 2027. Expect to see more FIA integration in future then!

Mixed mode racing

Rally Cross is just one of many modes available in this year’s Dirt entry. Back in June, we reported that Dirt 5 contained nine racing types, holding over 130 events between them. It’s looking like a more varied racer this year then, where last year’s Dirt Rally 2.0 focused on the more traditional rally stages. Codemasters has already shown this variation off throughout the year, when we got to see the new Ice Breaker and Playgrounds modes, which join Rally Cross and more.

Dirt 5 features trailer

Dirt 5 launches November 6 on PC via Steam, with a Google Stadia version releasing in early 2021.

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