The jovial, er, “Miss Murder” is your host for this update on Dirty Bomb, Splash Damage’s multiplayer FPS title. This title is still in beta if you fancy trying to sign up for the ongoing tests.

It’s another one of those games queuing up to be a “return to the classic PC FPS, no really you guys” (which might be true, I’ve never played it); although since this video is mostly about a upgrades and unlocks system, I’m not sure how ‘classic’ it can really claim to be.

Experience points are earned for completing objectives and killing opposing players in the usual fashion, and every now and then you’ll get a “loot crate” which may have some “loadout cards” inside. As the name suggests, these give your Dirty Bomb characters unique weapons, skins and augments to take into the fray.

There’s also said to be a new beta tutorial level to help people figure out how to play.

In terms of ongoing beta development, it sounds like Splash Damage are currently working on matchmaking and the ability to add friends to created parties.

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