June 19th, 2017

Dirty Bomb gets updates and two new maps for testing

Dirty Bomb gets updates and two new maps for testing

Splash Damage continue to tweak their free to play shooter Dirty Bomb with more improvements and tweaks as well as new maps.

In this January update the Dome map has received some love with lighting improvements so colours stand out, the navigational flow has been improved to clarify routes with new graffiti arrow tags to guide, and Pylons A and B have had their labelling improved.

To improve the map balance the spawn points have been moved with a third route being added to prevent spawn camping, the sewer marking is now “friendlier”, and a dead end and “redundant” areas have also been removed.

There is one other piece of important news, from Friday 29 January to Tuesday 2 February two new maps called Dockyard and Gallery will be available for testing. These will be in prototype form without all the visual bells and whistles.

The last thing to mention in  this update are balance changes and a full lenghty list of these tweaks can be picked up on the forums.



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