The scuttlebutt before the Bethesda conference has proved to be correct, as Dishonored 2 was announced by Arkane’s Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio.

We got a CG trailer (below,) confirming that Emily Kaldwin will be a playable protagonist this time around (Corvo, it seems, will be a playable character choice too.) Pleasingly, Dishonored 2 has hints of being what Thief 2: The Metal Age was to Thief: The Dark Project, with some automaton foes and slightly more modern gadgets shown in the video.

It appears that Dishonored 2 will be largely set in Karnaca, the capital city of Serkonos “a major metropolis where cultures and customs from all over the Empire are integrated into daily life.” Serkonos is something of a tourist destination for the wealthy in Dishonored’s universe. It also has its own ‘Grand Guard’ police force/militia.

As mentioned, you’ll be playing as either Emily or Corvo – and both will have different sets of powers and abilities. Arkane didn’t go into detail about what those differences might entail. Doing a “no kill” run was confirmed as possible; but if it’s anything like the ‘non-lethal’ assassination options in the first game, those people may be better off dead.

Dishonored 2 is apparently going to be with us in spring of 2016. It will, of course, be appearing on PC.

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