dishonored 2

We’re not sure about the legitimacy of all this.

Last week, a rather dubious image of a Dishonored 2 logo started doing the rounds. It suggested a subtitle of ‘Darkness of Tyvia’ and an E3 2014 reveal. We asked Bethesda about it who (surprise surprise) said they would not comment on rumour and speculation.

Today, another E3 2014-related Dishonored 2 image has shown up. It’s as blurry as the first (always with the blurriness,) but clear enough to be readable. If accurate, this E3 ‘fact sheet’ reveals the game will run on id Tech 5, restates Tyvia as the main location for the title, says there will be a new main character (makes sense) and hints that we will have to “annihilate the Outsider.”

It also lists “versus multiplayer” and lists 2016 as the release date. As with Wolfenstein: The New Order, there’s a suggestion that pre-ordering Dishonored 2 would get you access to the Doom beta.

That last part seems a little dodgy to me. When would Bethesda realistically start taking pre-orders for a game not even due out until 2016? And is the fourth Doom game really so far away that beta access would still be a relevant offer at that point? … Who am I kidding, of course it is. Mind you, spelling “access” wrong is a bit of an error.

It does seem odd that nearly everything about this ‘fact sheet’ is made out of pre-existing artwork (glyphs from the first game, particularly.) Using the Windows 8 logo to denote the PC version makes no damn sense either.

In fact, it’s all seeming rather like the stuff all over again. Except much lower in quality. I’d treat it with extreme caution.

Dishonored 2

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