Remember those pre-E3 2014 rumours about a Dishonored 2, supposedly subtitled Darkness of Tyvia? We comprehensively debunked the flimsy claims back in March (well prior to the E3 non-show from Dishonored 2,) but it seems that very similar “rumours” from mysterious “sources” are popping up again.

Both NowGamer and VG24/7 (who were sent some mocked up box art) have reported that “sources” have contacted them about Dishonored 2. Once again, the alleged subtitle is Darkness of Tyvia.

The most obvious thing to say about this is to remind people that the information relating to a so-called Darkness of Tyvia sequel was paper-thin at best and conflicting at its worst. It appeared to have been put together by a non-native English speaker who couldn’t decide if the material he was sharing was from an internal Bethesda meeting or an E3 press fact sheet.

In light of that, why buy into this fresh bout of rumours referencing the same dubious subtitle?

NowGamer’s unnamed source revealed such startling new details as ‘Arkane’s Harvey Smith might be the project lead’ and ‘maybe you’ll play as Emily Kaldwin in this one.’ Basic speculation that any clown with a working knowledge of Dishonored could have come up with. Meanwhile, VG24/7 is offering a PS4 box art that anybody with basic photoshop skills could’ve constructed.

Look. IncGamers would be as delighted as anybody with news of a Dishonored sequel. Arkane is almost certainly working on one, and Bethesda have discussed their desire to turn the game into a series. But these new rumours smell suspiciously like the same dubious “source” from before E3 now attempting to drum up some kind of false hype for a GamesCom reveal.

As we said in our debunking article from earlier in the year: “When confirmed details do emerge, we’ll start getting interested. For now, it seems sensible to dismiss these alleged leaks as fake.”

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