The opt-in beta branch for Dishonored 2 on PC has received an update today, adding a New Game Plus mode. Positive news for those with super-computers who’ve managed to make it through to the end of the (technically) disappointing PC port.

In New Game Plus you get to “begin anew as either character with access to each hero’s full suite of abilities”, plus any bone charms and runes collected in your prior play-through. Sounds like you’ll be able to combined character powers too, which is pretty nifty. This addition will be leaving beta and being rolled out to everybody on 19 December.

There’s also word that further customisation will be coming, with mission select and more in-depth difficulty settings, in a future update (no date given for that one). The patch notes (repeated below) suggest some performance improvements, so hopefully that’s the case. Version 1.3 did make matters a little better for me, but also introduced some hard crashes. A mixed result, really.

If you’re not already opted in to the PC Dishonored 2 beta, you can do so by right-clicking the game in your Steam library, opening up Properties, then the Betas tab, and selecting the beta from the drop-down menu there. It should update your game automatically.

Here are the changes.

New Features

  • New Game Plus mode!
  • New Quick-Access Wheel option for hiding/unhiding items

Improved Features

  • Fixed Oraculum false-kill count in Royal Conservatory
  • AI detection tweaks to clarify when players are detected or not
  • AI locomotion improvement for running
  • Fixed various Bonecharm effects (Strong Arm, Spiritual Pool, etc)
  • Fixed a problem in slow-motion where some inputs were ignored
  • Blood Thirst: various enhancement and fixes
  • Killing an NPC with their own bullet is now more reliable
  • Tweak for mana potion refill speed, depending on difficulty
  • General performance and optimization improvements
  • Fixed various game logic issues
  • Fixed various User Interface issues

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