Arkane’s follow-up to the very Looking Glass Studios-inspired Dishonored now has a release date of 11 November. That should be when everybody will be able to step into the shoes of either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano and start stealthily (or at least creatively) disposing of political opponents.

As before, it sounds like stealth or massive violence (or both) will be possible with the skillsets provided to both characters. If I recall correctly from last year’s E3 reveal, Corvo’s skills will be similar to the first game (albeit upgraded and tweaked a bit), while Emily will have a newer set to play around with. You’ll elect which character to take through the game at a fairly early point.

A few more things about the game were revealed by Arkane’s Harvey Smith during that same E3 period (such as Corvo having a voice this time around), and you can read a round-up of those here. It’s been a year mind you, so some of that may be subject to change. I’m pretty sure the game will still be set on the Isle of Serkonos though.

Gameplay footage is promised at E3 2016; specifically at a Bethesda event on 12 June at 7pm Pacific Time. Meanwhile, here’s the cinematic from last year as a reminder.

Peter Parrish

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