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Arkane’s Harvey Smith has been fielding quite a few questions about Dishonored 2 through his twitter account, confirming new bits and pieces about the upcoming sequel.

I’ll start with mechanics-type stuff, and do some slightly (very slight) more spoilery story bits later. There’ll be a big warning so you know where to stop reading if you don’t want to know that stuff.

So, first of all, Corvo is going to be saying things this time. He’s a voiced protagonist in Dishonored 2. Smith says Arkane liked how the (voiced) Daud DLC worked out. Emily will be voiced too. The voice actors haven’t been confirmed.

Speaking of the dual protagonists, the way that’ll work is that players select one of either Emily or Corvo near the start of the game (presumably after having the chance to play with both for a bit) and then finish the game with that character. As Smith puts it:

Asked whether any of the Dishonored voice actors would be returning for the sequel, Smith says he can confirm one of them. That actually doesn’t say much, because the Outsider is clearly the same guy and speaks in the trailer. Still, he might mean someone else.

Update 4 May 2016: Oddly enough, the Outsider has actually been recast.

Regarding canon endings, and whether saves could be imported from Dishonored, Smith says no. Since Emily is a playable character, the super bad ending didn’t happen in this version of events.

Emily’s nifty stretchy-arm-grab ability shown in the trailer is called ‘Far Reach’ and is, as you’d imagine, upgradeable.

We’re now getting into possible (minor) story spoiler territory, so I’d advise stopping right here if you don’t want to know about a couple of specific character bits and pieces.

The fellow with the robotic allies and the moustache, who Emily spars with in the trailer, has been named as Kirin Jindosh, the Grand Inventor of Serkonos (where Dishonored 2 takes place.) He’s a former student of Sokolov’s.

Corvo’s mask looks different because it has been altered by the Outsider (maybe that’s why he can speak now?)

For all of you invested in Whale Oil Futures who want to know the state of the economy in Karnaca (capital city of Serkonos) …

And, finally, from the E3 show booth. This is what Corvo looks like now, fifteen years on (plus, a real life rendition of Emily’s marvellous jacket.)

Dishonored 2 is coming to the PC in 2016.

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