Disintegration is a cyberpunk squad game with gravcycles

Disintegration V1 Interactive gravcycles cyberpunk

Disintegration, coming from Halo alums and their newest studio V1 Interactive, will have its official debut during Gamescom next week. However, some early information has made it to the public sphere, courtesy of Edge magazine. In its upcoming October issue, Edge talks Disintegration, its story, and about you riding a kick-ass gravcycle.

Halo creator and game director at V1 Interactive laid it all out. Disintegration is a game that leans heavy on cyberpunk. And, as cyberpunk storytelling is wont to do, it features humans coming to odds with modified humans, to deadly results. A deadly plague of sorts threatened the human race, and some of them had to implant their precious brains into a “robot chassis” in order to avoid infection. This created a schism between humans and those who were modified, and a civil war broke out. You organize a team of modified humans who are vying to retake their lost humanity.

“All these characters want, ultimately, to become human again,” Lehto said. “That’s the carrot hanging out on the end of the stick – but they’re not sure that carrot actually exists. They’re working hard to find their loved ones that might still be alive; they want to find and secure what’s left of humanity.”

They’re not like this tight-knit group of Navy SEALs. They’re journalists, they’re teachers, they’re metal-shop workers and cops. They have different agendas, political agendas and cultural upbringings. They don’t all get along great with each other. But they’re survivors, and they’re out there to help in the fight.”

Join a squad, see the world

Despite coming from Halo veterans, the game doesn’t appear to be a pure shooter. Instead, Disintegration blends shooting elements with squad-based combat. You, the hero of the day, ride around on a gravcycle, issuing commands to your soldiers.

“We try to keep the mechanics as simple as possible for directing them to locations or targeting specific units,” Lehto said. “We wanted to limit the amount of micromanaging you’re going to do because you also have to play a shooter at the same time.”

The game has made a lot of progress, development-wise. Lehto says that when Disintegration was first pitched, the team was aiming for a game under six hours in length. Now, the game runs along 12 hours, with 13 missions in its campaign. It will also include a multiplayer mode, which is likely something else the team wasn’t betting on at the start. Lehto talks passionately about his upcoming game, and its expansion over development is borne of the team’s excitement.

“The game has grown in scope, and some of that’s just because we can’t help ourselves: we love making this game,” Lehto said. “But we also understand that in order to really make a satisfying experience, to tell the story we want to tell, and to deliver on the multiplayer side, we need to give the player enough breadth and depth to make it worthwhile in the first place.”

Disintegration will have a showing for the first time starting at Gamescom 2019 next week.

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