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Today, Disney Speedstorm got a new trailer during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase. The game is a cart racer featuring a stylized take on characters from a wide range of Disney properties. On display in the latest trailer was Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Sully.

While the trailer was primarily cinematic, it did showcase some gameplay, including a Monsters, Inc.-themed track. Various other characters from Monsters, Inc. were shown in the trailer, with Mike Wazowski also making his way to the driver’s seat.


Disney hasn’t yet confirmed a release date for Speedstorm, and the game’s Steam page merely touts a 2022 placeholder. The game does appear to be fairly far along in development, however, so there’s a chance it could make it’s launch window. It’s closed beta was held back in June, and it seems to have won over quite a few fans. However, plenty of games have had successful betas and catastrophic launches.

Something that will be challenging for Disney Speedstorm will be overcoming the increasingly saturated kart racer genre while carving out a niche for its player base. Releasing on PC, as well as other non-Nintendo platforms, will certainly be a boon. But even so, it will have several multi-platform games to contend with.

Disney Speedstorm could be big

With Disney’s ever-widening access to people’s favorite IP, it certainly has a large roster of beloved characters with which to populate the new racer. And for PC gamers, particularly, this could become the go-to kart racing game, purely due to an under-crowded space on the platform. Certainly the idea of Tron cycles racing alongside Jack Skellington in a sleigh is a very appealing thought. It will be interesting to follow Disney Speedstorm as it makes its way to PCs the world sometime later this year.

Keren Philosophales
Keren Philosophales is a hardcore gamer with far too many hobbies including game design. One game, Xenoshyft, has even been published. He now fritters away his time gaming, tinkering with hardware and messing about in 3D programs and game engines.

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