Not content with simply having a single player campaign and full co-op support, Divinity: Original Sin 2 has only gone and added a tabletop-style Game Master mode as well. It was the final stretch goal of the Kickstarter, and Larian haven’t talked much about it until today.

As usual, there’s an accompanying video to demonstrate how the Game Master mode works. Swen Vincke and pals are on location at Wizards of the Coast, running a Game Master session with a D&D campaign. You get to see (some of) how that turns out, plus a look at how world maps, scripted roleplaying situations, and other tabletop staples can be added to Game Master mode by the dungeon master running the session.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be streaming more Game Master today, at 4pm Pacific time (midnight 10 May in the UK), on their Twitch channel. Matt Mercer will be leading a band of would-be adventurers through no doubt deadly dungeons. Here’s the video. It’s not in the Early Access version of the game but will, of course, be in the full release (expected later this year).


Peter Parrish

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