Divinity Original Sin

Fireside conversations, such as this one, are only an alpha download away.

Last week, you perhaps saw Larian’s Swen Vinke playing through around 40 minutes of Divinity: Original Sin in preparation for the game’s alpha release. If not, that’s worth watching. Anyway, at the end of said video Vinke declared that the title was ready to be released in alpha form to the many and various Kickstarter backers out there.

So, how does one go about redeeming an alpha copy of the game? Well, like this:

Register or sign in on the Larian Vault, enter the email [you] used to back the game, and [you] will find a Steam key waiting under the Kickstarter tab.

The alpha is single player only at the moment (the full game will have co-op play) and contains a few placeholders here and there. Larian has put together a list of known problems you’ll probably come across.

This build will be updated on a regular basis through Steam, presumably up to February’s release version. Right now, it has around 10-15 hours to mess around in, which is said to be only 15-20% or so of the final game. There’s no NDA, so players are free to stream, record and talk about the game as they desire. Although YouTube will probably still flag your videos by accident anyway.

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