The ever-enthusiastic Swen Vincke from Larian is your guide through this video about Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition. This updated version of the game is due to arrive on 27 October, and will be a fabulous freebie for existing owners of the PC version.

Enhanced Edition changes … well, quite a lot about Divinity Original Sin, really. Most pertinent to the PC edition are updates to the graphics (and a suggestion from Swen that the engine will utilise processor cores more efficiently now), fully-voiced NPCs, a “heavily rewritten” story with a brand new ending, plus new quests and characters.

If you fancy playing the game with a controller, you can now do that (because Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition is coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well) with a reworked user interface. Various quality-of-life additions have been made too, like greater clarity of locations on maps and the ability for anybody to ‘repair’ an item as long as your group contains somebody with that skill.

All of this, and probably a few things I’ve forgotten to mention too, is covered in the video below.

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