September 5th, 2017

Divinity: Original Sin patched ahead of companion DLC

divinity original sin (1)
Ugh, evil. Why does it always lurk? Why can’t it tapdance beyond Cyseal’s ramparts instead?

Divinity: Original Sin is getting some new companions as free DLC later today, but the game has been patched now to fix some lingering issues.

I’m not going to post the full list of bugfixes here, but there’s the usual mix of new functionality, bug fixes, and amusing patchnotes. The biggest changes are the adding of “Additional Content” to the main menu (presumably for things like the extra companions) and a “listen” functionality for co-op play which lets you listen to ongoing dialogues and see the complete history of what’s been said. A load of polish has been added to skill and spell effects and there are a bunch of new sound effects, too. Also! Mentions of a “new area”, which I’m going to guess is related to the new companions.

Some of the fixes will require you to start a new game, and apparently you’ll need to do that to access the new companions too. We’ll likely update you when the free companion DLC hits, though, so don’t rush to start over just yet.

As is tradition, here’s my favourite bug (now fixed) of the lot: “Arhu thinks that everything you drop in his house is his property.” Bloody Arhu. Just because I take off my shoes doesn’t mean they magically become your shoes, you dick.

You can view the full changelog forĀ Divinity: Original Sin here.

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