Divinity: Original Sin patched; gets AI personalities, tweaks, and bug fixes

divinity original sin (2)

Now with added personality!

Larian have released a whopping 800MB patch for old-school RPG/cow conversation simulator Divinity: Original Sin.

I’m not going to post up the full list of patch notes here – both because there’s a frankly insane number of tweaks and fixes, and because one or two of them are a bit spoilery in terms of the enemies they mention – but the big addition is that of AI personalities. This means that, during character creation, you can now set a personality for your pair of avatars. The AI will then select dialogue choices in accordance with that personality whenever you’re not controlling that particular character. Which, I suppose, means that you might be having fewer conversations with yourself, but it should also mean that your generated characters should still be pretty consistent with whatever you’ve imagined them to be.

Other than that, the “big” fixes are probably the ones that solve crash bugs. “Fixed a lot of issues where players were crashing after a level swap or after loading of a savegame” is the exact way Larian have phrased what is possibly the most common issue, but there are a few other crash bugs noted as being fixed.

What else? Save games are packed and compressed, leadership critical chance now actually works, and there are approximately a billion little tweaks to NPCs and enemies. As is our wont, here are two of my favourite patch notes from this: “Modified portrait for Template Animals_Cat_Slain”, which is mostly a favourite because it’s randomly horrible, and “Changed the voice of Mikhail Solomatin a trader in the Silverglen tavern from female to male”, because that’s so amusing I almost wish it wasn’t fixed.

You can view the full patch notes over here. In case you’re wondering what Divinity: Original Sin actually is… well, you should go and have a read of this. And then buy it. And then go and have a read of this.

As you might have surmised, we really like Divinity: Original Sin.

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