Ubisoft’s The Division has been the site of dedicated glitching since the release of the free Incursion DLC, as players found simple ways to get themselves that delicious loot. A server restart today claims to have solved some of those problems, but other glitches appear to still remain.

The changelog posted on Ubisoft’s forums states that the double revive glitch and talent effect stacking have both been removed from the game. Today’s server restart may also account for the reports of lag people were experiencing in the game prior to this latest found of glitch-hunting.

However, glitches centered around The Division’s mobile cover skill may still to be in effect. Posts like this one on Reddit have step-by-step instructions for getting the enemy AI to destroy the Incursion APC boss for you; though with little evidence it’s hard to say if it can easily be reproduced.

Whether Massive and Ubisoft’s attempts to patch up holes in the game will ever outpace player desires to seek out easy ways to get mission loot and empower their characters remains to be seen. At the moment it’s looking like a constant battle.

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