April 21st, 2017

Divisive: Tom Clancy’s The Division may be hitting PC in the future, possibly

Apparently, my 6am exhaustion leads me to finding people being unclear about whether or not their games are coming to the PC.

Hot on the trail of Hideo Kojima’s perfectly transparent comments that Metal Gear Solid 5 is being made for PC but they’re not looking to do a PC version right now, the chap or chapess currently in control of Ubisoft’s Twitter account has been equally clear on whether or not we’ll see their action-y MMO-y thing, Tom Clancy’s The Division, on PC. And by clear I mean not actually clear at all.

“We are optimizing the experience for next-gen consoles,” reads the contentious Tweet. “However, we are not ruling out any platforms for the future.”

Wild speculation time! That either means “yes, it’s coming to PC, but we’re not talking about it until the console version is out” or “no, it’s not coming to PC, but we’re not going to say that outright because then people will complain.” Or it possibly just means “We haven’t decided, but we’re not working on it right now.” Who knew that getting clear information could be so bloody difficult in the internet age?

I’m going to bed.

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