Doctor Who: Worlds In Time MMO Announced

Like anybody else, when I think of Doctor Who I think of free to play MMOs. Well, actually I think of Sylvester McCoy fighting a monster made out of liquorice allsorts, or Christopher Eccleston looking surprised.
Luckily, the BBC think differently and really do plan to make a free to play MMO featuring everybody’s favourite timelord and the rest of the general public. It’s to be developed by Three Rings who are responsible for Puzzle Pirates, and is due to be released later this year.
BBC Worldwide say that the game “invites players to save the universe by using their wits to solve time-bending puzzles and pulse-pounding challenges.” You’ll also probably be “exploring new worlds and encountering many alien races, both friend and foe.” Quite how this is going to work (will we all be timelords, or just humans along for the ride?) isn’t clear yet, but no doubt we’ll be hearing more about this one.
There’s no mention of whether any of the established Doctor Who writers will be involved with this.

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