Does the Airplane Mode Hack still work in Monopoly GO?

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Monopoly GO is a game of chance. Or at least it was until the airplane mode hack was discovered that allowed people to cheat chance. Does this hack still work, however?

What is the Airplane Mode Hack for Monopoly GO?

The airplane mode hack was discovered by someone who really wasn’t happy with the rolls they got in Monopoly GO, it would seem. The hack allowed players to use airplane mode to disconnect from the servers while still playing the game. This allowed them to retcon any poor rolls they made by swiping off the app.

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When they would load Monopoly GO again, their tokens were back to where they were before the roll with the dice, completely unspent. This hack allows players with a lot of patience to essentially play God, where they can make sure their x50 or even x100 rolls are being put to good use.

Being able to perfect your every roll in a game of chance allowed people to breeze through milestone events and conquer tournaments. But such a huge hack would eventually make its way to Scopely, right? Does this hack still work?

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Does the Airplane Mode Hack still work in Monopoly GO?

I really tried to get the airplane mode hack to work in Monopoly GO — however, the practice appears to be patched. Naturally, this hack went viral in Monopoly GO communities, so Scopely must have picked up on it and worked on a patch immediately.

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Cleverly, they made it so that you can’t start the game in airplane mode, which was a step for the hack to work. Upon swiping off the game, you used to be able to open the game again for it to load up. Upon getting to 20% loaded, you then had to turn airplane mode off.

This no longer works, as instead, you’ll be met with a green screen with the Monopoly GO logo on it. You will not get past that screen with airplane mode on. And upon turning it off and the Wi-Fi being enabled once more, you’ll be where you were in airplane mode, getting rid of the hack.

Hopefully, this doesn’t disappoint too many players, but for now, the hack is patched. If there’s ever a new way to get around this, I’ll report it, so make sure to check this page regularly, just in case.

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