If you’re interested in Don’t Starve’s spin off called Don’t Starve Together, you will be happy to hear that Klei, the developer of the game, announced that the title will be ready in April 21. Don’t Starve Together was available in its Steam Early Access state for a long time, with Klei announcing that they plan to release a PlayStation 4 version too.

Don’t Starve Together remained in Early Access longer than any of Klei’s other releases, with two expansions (Reign of Giants and Caves) being integrated into the game during its Early Access phase. Klei did not announce anything new about bringing Shipwrecked to the game, so we have to wait about that and the decision of the developers.

Last but not least, Klei commented on Through the Ages expansion too and they confirmed that they will resume working on the expansion following the launch of Don’t Starve Together.

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