Remember Remember Me? You might not. DONTNOD Entertainment’s first title was a cyberpunk action-adventure game that was published by Capcom. So basically, the polar opposite of Life Is Strange. The game released worldwide in June 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Remember Me’s plot focuses on Nilin, she is a memory hunter working for a resistance called the Errorists. At the very beginning of the game, she loses her memory by an evil mega-corporation, Memorize. The events that unfold afterwards are sorta trippy because you never know who exactly is the right person to trust — as the player, you’re just as clueless as Nilin. I found the story to be rather impressive for a new IP from a freshly made developer.


I played Remember Me after playing Life Is Strange, and as different as the games are, I could tell it was made by the same studio. I can imagine that DONTNOD Entertainment learned a lot during the development period of Remember Me, that would directly affect Life Is Strange. The two games actually have one gameplay aspect in common — both games feature time-control powers. When you’re not beating up baddies in Remember Me, there were cutscenes that you could change by reversing time and manipulating objects in the setting. You would have the ability to alter the past. Sound familiar? It should, it’s the exact same gameplay mechanic as the puzzle solving in Life Is Strange — in which you control time to gain access to new items or areas. DONTNOD must love the idea of time travel. Who knows, maybe its next title, Vampyr will implement time bending mechanics as well.

Now, aside from the story elements and the Life Is Strange similarities, DONTNOD Entertainment created one of the most visually impressive worlds to gawk at, and I think it kinda flew under the radar. The world they created is so fascinating, interesting, and just plain beautiful. The robotic environments mixed with the lower income-like housing is insanely cool, I’ve personally never seen anything like it. It reminded me of a mix between the movies iRobot and Ex Machina. Anyway, the presentation overall I thought was incredible, almost even Uncharted 2 level good. Instead of going on and on, I’ll just show you.


I think Remember Me got the gross end of the stick, the game is actually a lot of fun. However, it did seem like it was a rushed out the door when it came to the gameplay side of things. There just wasn’t much to it, so it got pretty repetitive. Although I thought it was fun enough to get the platinum trophy for, so that is saying something. I then went on to platinum Life Is Strange twice on PS3/PS4 — some say I have a problem, I don’t disagree.

In case you missed it, here’s what we thought of Life Is Strange — Review

Also, if you haven’t seen DONTNOD Entertainments latest title in the works, here’s some screenshots.

I want to know what you think. Did you get around to playing Remember Me? Did you forget it was the same studio that developed Life Is Strange? Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below, or on our social media page!

Brett Medlock is one of our leads on video production here at Enthusiast Gaming. He’s obsessed with action-adventure games, platinum trophies, and K-pop. To hear more about how lame he is, follow him on Twitter @brettnll

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