Doom Nightmare Mode Beaten In 101 Minutes

Doom Nightmare Mode Beaten In 101 Minutes

If you feel proud of yourself because you have beaten Doom in a hard difficulty, wait till you see what speedrunner DraQu_ has done with id Software’s recently released title.

He pretty much beat the game in Nightmare mode in just over 90 minutes. Yes, you read that right, he only needed 101 minutes to finish the game in the most difficult mode.

DraQu_ was not fully happy with his “world record”, since he reckoms that there were some “sloppy fights” during his playthrough and that it should have been a sub-1:41:45 run. We are pretty sure that he will soon beat these 101 minutes with a new, epic speedrun.

If you want to enjoy his playthrough of Doom and his impressive record, you can click on the video below.

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