September 5th, 2017

Dota 2 gets Peru and Chile servers

dota 2 peru chile

The latest Dota 2 patch has tweaked and changed a few things – and, most notably, it’s added Peru and Chile matchmaking regions.

That’s not the only change, mind. Captain’s Draft has been removed from ranked matchmaking because too few players were using it, which tended to lead to imbalanced matches and open the possibility of MMR abuse. There are also some improvements to server network performance, which hopefully means there’ll be a bit less lag, or at least fewer server problems.

But you’re interested in the new matchmaking regions, aren’t you? Yes, Peru and Chile now have their own regions, separate from the standard South America one. However, if you’re thinking “aha, now there will be no Peruvians/Chileans on US West and US East!” then you’re being a little optimistic. Bear in mind that there was already a South American matchmaking region, and… well, there’s been a Russia matchmaking region for as long as I’ve been playing, and yet I still encounter more Russians than anything else on Europe West. Don’t necessarily expect this to change too much.

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  • Comments:
    • disqus_dVt3mLDH8q

      South America did not have a server before. BRAZIL had a server, the only country in South America that doesn´t speak the same fucking language than the rest. Also, I am from Uruguay, and playing in Brazil would mean 280 ms or more, so the only option remaining is to queue in US East (200 ms is the best we can get). The same happens with some parts of Argentina as far as I´m concerned.

      I have been playing DotA for many years, and one of the things that held me back from playing ranked or even trying to make teams was this ping thing, so I think this server is a bless as it is said that we are going to have 40-80 ms. For someone who has played with above 200ms since the beginning, it is an incredible change. You can´t really say south americans in US will dissappear but definitely it is going to change something.

    • Tim McDonald

      Welp, that certainly explains US players talking about having a lot of South Americans on their servers. If it’s a ping issue, it’s rather understandable.

      Hopefully this’ll actually lead to better pings and better games all-round, then, but I suppose it depends on where these servers are actually located. (I can relate to playing with 200ms ping, as I’ve occasionally played on US East and US West myself from the UK. It’s… not exactly ideal for Dota.)