Dota 2 gets Reborn preload, Compendium items, Levels

Dota 2 gets Reborn preload, Compendium items, Levels

Still don’t believe that Dota 2‘s Reborn client is launching shortly? Today’s update might help convince you.

Today’s patch adds a few more systems to Reborn, getting it ready for launch, which – according to the accompanying blog post – will be “in the next day or two.” If you haven’t downloaded Reborn yet, then today’s patch should also be a rather large pre-load.

The Reborn client now has a new Treasury section, and the Tournaments part of the Watch section is now active. In addition, 2015 Compendium owners should now have Harvest, Pestilence, and Sirocco weather effects (but only in Reborn). Work is still being done on the Axe immortal and mini-comic, and some “tech work” is needed to support the Desert weather effect, so they’re not here quite yet. Give it time.

The other addition is the Levels system, which replaces the old Battle Points system. Levels can be displayed as a badge on your profile, and they increase by playing matches and earning trophies. 100 Trophy Points equates to one Level, and are acquired by earning a new trophy or levelling an old one up. Two new trophies have also been added: the Experience trophy, which “rewards you for just playing Dota 2“, and the Battle Veteran trophy, which awards Trophy Points based on your final Battle Point level.

I’ve chucked in a few screenshots of the new weather effects below (Harvest, then Pestilence, then Sirocco, I think). If you don’t have Reborn downloaded yet, now really is the time.

Dota 2‘s Reborn client is due to replace the old client “in the next day or two.”

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