June 19th, 2017

DOTA 2 The International tickets go on sale 7 April

DOTA 2 The International tickets go on sale 7 April

MOBA fans everywhere will be looking forward to this year’s DOTA 2 The International tournament and tickets are going on sale 7 April.

The event takes place bwtween 8-13 August at the Key Arena in Seattle and the tickets will be available through Ticketmaster. There are two typed of tickets available, the midweek tickets for $75 (8th – 11th August) and the Finals Ticket for $100 which grants access to the last two days of the event which includes the opening ceremony and the All-Star match (12th – 14th August). Both tickets can be purchased with a single order. It’s a little frustrating if you wanted to catch it all with one ticket purchase.

Midweek ticket holders who don’t buy a ticket for the finals will be able to watch via a free large outdoor viewing area on the Key Arena grounds. Let’s hope it’s not raining.

Valve will also be dishing out unique in-game items to audience members inside of the arena. At First Blood in each individual game, 500 exclusive Attendee Treasures will drop, each containing visually-unique versions of this year’s Secret Shop Immortals.

A ticketing FAQ has also been posted by Valve in case there are any further questions.

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