Dota 2’s newest patch promises to improve FPS and stability

Dota 2’s newest patch promises to improve FPS and stability

Oh look, another Dota 2 patch! Only this one doesn’t involve either hats or heroes, but instead focuses on making the game run a little better.

As the obligatory blog post notes, past weeks have seen small updates aimed at improving particular little bits of performance, especially when it comes to things like Monkey King’s ultimate or illusions in general. Today, however, brings “multiple changes” aimed at making things a bit less crap and a bit more stable.

Right now there aren’t any details on the specifics, but as the patch is 1.1GB in size I’m going to guess there are some fairly sizeable back-end changes – which hopefully won’t mean a lot of bugs. Either way, we should apparently expect higher framerates on low-end machines, while high-end machines should have fewer dips. In short: faster running, less dropped frames.

I’m still downloading the patch so I have no idea what it’ll do for me, but I’m half-expecting it to completely break something, because that’s basically what Dota 2 patches seem to do. We’ll find out soon enough, I’m sure.

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