Dota 2 patch countdown kills Dota 2’s website

Dota 2 patch countdown kills Dota 2’s website

That magic time marking the launch of Dota 2 7.00’s patch notes has come and gone, with the only sign of its passing being the death of the Dota 2 website.

Surprising nobody, it turns out that setting a countdown for hugely anticipated patch notes – for a game played by millions – results primarily in your site being DDOSed by millions of people trying to access it all at once. I did once manage to actually get to the main page of the Dota 2 website, but it lacked any new info (and no, the test client hasn’t been updated yet either).

Commence your spamming of “Well played!” now.

However, we do have some idea of the patch’s major changes, courtesy of SteamDB’s Twitter account. Assuming they’re not trolling us, anyway.

In case that breaks for some reason: Monkey King, a new HUD, a new pregame, and community bots. Community bots is the only thing I currently know anything about, because the Valve Developer Wiki actually has a page about it. This is a feature that’s been promised for awhile, so that’s quite nice!

I’ll be back once there are some actual specifics on the patch.

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