Dota 2 patched with new treasure, team matchmaking

Dota 2 patched with new treasure, team matchmaking

Dota 2 has received yet another large patch, this time mostly aimed at balancing out some Compendium stuff and adding a new treasure.

The “big” addition is probably the return of Team Matchmaking, but as I don’t actually have a team, I couldn’t really care less about that. The large contingent of Russian players will probably be happy to hear that Russian voices are now being added, with “the default announcer and nine heroes” currently having optional Russian voices (Dragon Knight, Invoker, Legion Commander, Ogre Magi, Pudge, Queen of Pain, Shadow Fiend, Shadow Shaman, and Sniper). That’s a pretty odd grab bag of heroes, but I’m guessing it’s probably down to a mix of hero popularity and voice actor overlap.

For Compendium owners, there’s a little bit more on offer. Owners of the Fall Compendium can now purchase the Soaring Cache treasure  (with one offered free for levelling up your Compendium to a certain point) which contains some nifty looking sets for Invoker, Outworld Devourer, Storm Spirit, Windranger, Templar Assassin, Morphling, and Beastmaster. More impressively, it also has a chance of containing a rare Warlock set with a new Golem, or a very rare Witch Doctor Death Ward that can be further upgraded with Prismatic Gems.

Every fifth Soaring Cache you open nets you a free bonus chest that contains either 5, 11, or 24 Compendium levels, the Warlock set, or the Death Ward. Note that the Soaring Cache can only be purchased by Compendium owners.

Coins have been rebalanced a bit, too, so you should hopefully get a bit more. There’s no longer a 5% cut taken from your Wager winnings, and Wager Bonuses increase the amount of money you can earn from a match in addition to letting you actually get some coins even when nobody on the opposing team places a Wager. Finally, Compendium owners may get a Coin Charm or a 750 Coin Pack at the end of a match.

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There are also a massive bunch of general fixes, largely focusing on particle effects and visual bugs for individual heroes. You can see the full patch notes over here, or the blog post about this patch here.

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