DOTA 2 releasing this summer says Valve


Surely not? This can’t be true? DOTA 2 is actually going to be released? Apparently so according to info released in the July issue of PCGamer.

DOTA 2 has been in beta testing since 1573 and will released before the Interntational 3 event which takes place between 7-11 August according to Valve.

Will Valve really release it though, this is Valve we are talking about after all. To get some confirmation on this, community site Valvetime decided to get a straight answer from  Erik Johnson, senior project leader at Valve.His reply was short and to the point; “That is the plan”.

That may well be the plan but we’ll believe it when we see it. Still, it’s actually nice to see Valve plan on getting it released, although I do fear for Tim’s health once it arrives in full.



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