July 8th, 2017

Dota 2 servers fall over, community trolled again

dota 2 diretide full

Oh that wacky Valve. Not content with upsetting the community the other week by not releasing Diretide and then taking a full week to explain what was going on, they’ve gone and upset everyone again.

Valve made up for the lack of Diretide by releasing a massive update today which not only adds Diretide, but throws in a pair of new heroes (Ember Spirit and Earth Spirit) and a load of new functionality, from crafting to coaching. That patch went live an hour or so ago. That patch won’t actually work, because the Dota 2 servers have been down ever since it went up.

Yup: they gave the community not only what they wanted, but more… and then broke the game so that nobody could use it. This is like watching a car crash in slow motion. Actually, no: it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion, and then a few weeks later the car is repaired and then crashes again a little bit further down the road.

I suspect it’s probably down to pure server load, but it’s only the Dota 2 servers that are affected. Steam itself is fine, as are all other Valve games; even the notoriously bouncy friends list isn’t impaired. I stand by my assertion that we won’t be seeing Diretide until 2015.

Volvo give servers?

Update: The servers are back up. Go nuts.

Update (15/11/13, 10:53pm GMT): The servers are currently going up and down pretty regularly, which many are theorising is down to the number of people downloading the patch and/or attempting to play.

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    • Johnny Smith

      calm the f down plz, thanks

      angry much?

    • Samurai Turtle

      also.. the bots seem to have become easier.

    • Johnny Smith is a dush

      Or you could not take the sarcastic humour so seriously and stop being such a fan boy circle jerker….. He has every right to make fun of them…


      Ignorant page i’ll explain to people what happened:

      Since the market is being updated and they just can’t remove user items from the market and inventory before the patch is deployed because it would create bugs and voids in the economy they had to do it after the patch was deployed…

      So right now they’re :

      Updating the martket delisting items so for example items that now are worth a lot won’t be sold for let’s say 5 bucks when the owner no longer wants to sell the item after the patch was deployed.

      Removing and updating inventory items.

      Expect the network to be up in an hour.

      Again Incgamers research your facts before please.

      • Rushster

        Sarcasm is not some people’s strong points on the Internet, seems to fly over a lot of people’s heads. I guess as you could always stick to posting dull press releases with no commentary. Now that would make for some fun reading.

    • loieer

      we dont play dota 2 when server down
      server is down ever