DOTA 2 The International 4 Day 3 kicks off

It’s the third day of the finals and it’s crunch time for the remaining teams.

After last night’s Techies reveal in the All-Star match where there was the amazing prize of cheese, excitement will be building today as more teams will be sent packing. Today the missions is to meet EG later tonight then hopefully move on.

Even if you don’t manage to watch these early games, try and catch the EG matches later this evening, they’re bound to be a tense affair. NeeBee awaits in the Grand Final but there’s plenty of action to watch before the big event tomorrow.

Today’s matches look like this…

dota 2

Watch the live stream for all of today’s action if you get a chance and also the special report which airs tonight at 8:30PM PST on ESPN 2 ahead of tomorrows final.

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