Dota 2 update ends hero restrictions in Captain’s Draft

dota 2 techies taunt
I guess you can pick these guys in Captain’s Draft now?

Valve has pushed out a new update for Dota 2, lifting all restrictions on hero selection in the Captain’s Draft mode of play. Look at me, writing that sentence like I have any idea what it means.

Okay, look, don’t worry, I’m going to do some quick Dota 2 research and figure out whether this is a big deal. According to this wiki for the game, Captain’s Draft is a mode in which “Each team’s captain bans three heroes, then they take turns picking five heroes for their team. Heroes are chosen from a pool of 27 random heroes: 9 Strength heroes, 9 Agility heroes, and 9 Intelligence heroes. Each captain has 150 seconds total to make all selections.”


It also says that “Heroes that are unavailable in Captains Mode are also unavailable in Captains Draft.” Thanks to the same Dota 2 wiki, I can list those heroes as: Broodmother, Bloodseeker, Phantom Lancer, Earth Spirit, Phoenix and Techies.

So, according to the notes on this new patch, it seems like all of those heroes will now be available for selection in Captain’s Draft mode. Is this a massive change? It might be. I don’t know. Sorry. It is definitely a change though.

Here’s the full set of patch notes:

* Fixed various bugs related to Path Finding
* Captain’s Draft no longer has any restricted heroes
* Fixed a bug with how the waves in Requiem of Souls calculate the area near the center

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