DOTA 2 updates will now come every two weeks

DOTA 2 updates will now come every two weeks

Valve is making a major change to how they update DOTA 2 and are moving away from the large updates players have come to expect to smaller updates every two weeks.

The news comes via Twitter post from Icefrog which doesn’t explain why these changes are being made now but it could be to allow players to adjust to changes quicker. Previously, when a major patch drops there’s a lot to take onboard at once. How this change will affect the DOTA 2 Esports scene remains to be seen.

In a follow-up post, Icefrog states that there will also be a new in-game feature which will notify players of recent changes to heroes in a match. We expect more details on how that will work will be revealed soon.

As Icefrog states, it’s going to take six months to see if this works out and it may go back depending on its success. At least players will now be keeping a closer eye on updates as they drop.

Epic tried to launch a new Paragon hero with major updates every three weeks and look how that turned out. Hopefully Valve can handle this new update schedule change and it will be a roaring success keeping players engaged with the game.

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