March 5th, 2017

Dota 2 Winter Treasure 3 drops, tests matchmaking changes

Dota 2 Winter Treasure 3 drops, tests matchmaking changes

Dota 2‘s third and final Treasure for the Kiev Major – the Winter Treasure 3 – has launched as part of a 699MB download, which also contains some test changes to matchmaking stuff.

You’re doubtless interested in the hats, as this is Dota 2, but we’ll go over the other changes first. The changelog itself can be found here, but the upshot is that (for this weekend only, so far) parties can only play Unranked games, Ranked Matchmaking no longer allows Captain’s Draft or Random Draft, and – most interestingly – Unranked All Pick will now have the same pick order as Ranked All Pick. Which means players take it in turns to pick heroes, rather than everyone picking at the 0:00 mark. This may also mean that Unranked All Pick will allow bans, which… could be interesting.

Other minor changes include a Chen update that, like with Keeper of the Light, replaces his item slots so that his mount and mount armour are consolidated into one item. There’s also an in-game hero inspection panel, item right-click menus have been debugged somewhat, and new accounts can’t calibrate as high as they could before. Which should hopefully screw with account sellers somewhat.

As for the hats, well: sets for Nyx Assassin, Razor, Gyrocopter, Windranger, Weaver, Chen, and Naga Siren, with a Very Rare set for Rubick and an Extremely Rare set for Dragon Knight. I’ve only seen glimpses as I’m still downloading the patch, but I rather like the look of the Rubick set, and the Dragon Knight set appears to turn him into a VIKING. The others aren’t too bad either, by and large!

Dota 2 should automatically download the 699MB patch next time you log into Steam.

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