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Hello, I am a magical DOTA 2 book that generates money.

Whoever wins The International 4 will get a pretty fat pot of cash, as The Compendium has now raised $6 million USD in prize funds. IncGamers’ DOTA 2 aficionado/addict Tim McDonald has just whispered “if you want to do some news, The Compendium has hit all of its stretch goals” in my general direction, so here I am. Telling you that same story but in more words.

The “base customisation” stretch goal, set at $6 million USD, has now been reached. This means anybody who owns a copy of The Compendium will be granted an item that allows them to, well, customise a building in their base. As the name suggests.

At the moment, throwing any more money at the virtual guide to DOTA 2’s fourth upcoming International tournament will not unlock further stretch goals. However, there are still two months to go until that event begins in Seattle’s Key Arena, so if Valve like creating money as much as I suspect they do, there may be more goals to reach before too long. I have no confirmation of that, it’s pure, wonderful speculation.

I’ll now hand over to Tim McDonald to describe what The Compendium actually is:

Other than giving you all the details on the players, teams, and matches as they happen, it’ll also give you a ridiculous amount of rewards. Your Compendium levels up as you complete challenges (from watching games, to winning matches with 10 randomly-assigned heroes) and that levelling gives you stuff. Like, ooh, a courier. Or custom visuals for teleporting. Or new appearances for Bottle, Blink Dagger, and Dagon. Or – if the stretch goals are hit – lots of other stuff.

Thanks Tim’s words from the past!

As those goals are now hit, you do indeed get loads of other DOTA 2 stuff if you buy one. They cost $10.00 USD in Valve’s store, but it’s a trap because I have it on good authority that DOTA 2 will steal your life and your soul. Also rude people might swear at you, and that’s not nice.

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